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On Friday, March 25, 2022, Graphic Design students at Southern Connecticut State University participated in a design charrette in Earl Hall 216 from 9:30a-3p.

In design, a charrette refers to an intensive, creative, and collaborative session where designers generate visual solutions to a given design problem. The focus is often on generating visions of the future, rather than highly refined products. As such, imperfections are embraced as part of this intensive process, and finite amount of time to generate a visual solution. 

The focus of this charrette was to celebrate the life of bell hooks, and elevate a sense of community on campus, through the visual adaptation and exploration of her words.

To learn more about the Art Department, visit:

Term: Spring 2022

Course: ART 415 – Design Practicum
Instructor: Prof. Alex Girard |

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